Winter Crag Sheepdogs 




Killiebrae Bilbo 00/351385 

Born: 19/04/2017

Dam: Braehead Pixie 00/336197

Sire : Finn 00/323063

Health tests :






Bilbo is still a young dog but he impresses me every time I take him to train.  He tries so hard to learn and he has natural ability that shows, sometimes he will do something and it is just a natural move that has been bred into him. 

I enjoy training him and every lesson is remembered . He tries hard to please you and will keep trying even if he is unsure of a sitiation he digs in and gives you even more which I think is a great quality in a dog. 

He has a nice natural pace and balance on sheep, he has style and is confident and in control when up close.  Nothing much phases him, sometimes he needs to be shown how to handle a tricky situation but once you show him once he has it and you can move on. 

He will open out on his flanks if he sees more sheep and I think he will be a great dog once he is fully trained.

He is a sweet natured dog with an easy going personality, he can be a goof when " off duty" but so focused when he is working. 

His mother is a daughter of Killiebrae Briar and James McGee's Sid both of which are quality dogs.  Killiebrae Briar is a daughter of Killiebrae Laddie and Fleece who were two of my Father's best dogs.    

Finn was one of my main work dogs, he had a huge engine and would live to work.  He had a fantastic nature and produced early starting pups with lots of quality and potential.

I would love to see how Bilbo breeds, I have't got a bitch to put to him  so decided to offer him at stud to health tested bitches.