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Unfortunately Ben passed away in the winter of 2008, he was a fantastic dog both temperament wise and work wise.

He was  talented, an all round worker as well as a quality trial dog who had plenty of power and was very good at shedding.He was also good at working cattle and had passe this on to some of his offspring.

  Ben wassuccesful  making the English national in 2002,2003 and 2004. He ran in the International at Seaforde coming 5th in the supreme championship also running the following year at the International in Stranraer. He won the Yorkshire championship and one of Englands most difficult double lift  trials twice.

Ben was a brilliant breeder producing good natured and talented dogs. Some of his offspring have made the final of the difficult Deerplay hill final aswell as competing in the International sheepdog trials.

Here are a few succesful dogs sired by Ben:  

D.Scrimgeour's BOB                             

Egil Syversbraaten's SCOTT                                                            


Tom Lawrenson's SPOT

Mike Hubbards TIMMY

Marilyn Volpe's TAN

Ian Ibbotson's ZAC